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Motormouth Arabia is committed to unbiased reporting of facts, which, in the pursuit of creativity and entertaining writing can and will turn to biased reporting of facts — recognizing a need to fulfill a gap in the industry with objective, informative, interesting, and trusted reviews and commentary on all things related to automobiles in the Middle East. In short, we’re a bunch of loudmouthed petrol-heads with a lot to say…

Amit Benjamin


With nearly two decade of experience in the regional publishing industry, 13 of them spent with cars, Amit has a record of successful titles behind him with a firm belief that high quality content takes priority over everything else when it comes to any website, newspaper, or social media post.

Dejan Jovanovic


Dejan spent his whole journalistic career in the car world, traveling the world and driving the latest models as a contributor to titles in the Middle East and beyond. His authoritative, yet entertaining writing has earned him droves of followers in the region. If you need to know the truth about a car, then he’s your man.