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Video — Jeep Wrangler JL review

Video — Jeep Wrangler JL review

Dejan Jovanovic 3 years ago

Naturally Jeep wasn’t about to mess with 70 years of heritage, so you need to squint a bit to catch all the cosmetic changes made to the new JL generation Wrangler. In fact everything on the outside has been changed, and most of what’s underneath too, to make an all-new off-roader that hasn’t succumbed to the soft-roader trend.

While rivals water down their heritage products (we’re picking on the front-wheel-drive-based new Chevrolet Blazer here), Jeep has stayed true to its roots, with an unmistakeable look for the Wrangler JL and even more off-roading capability.


Yes, that means that on regular roads during the daily grind, this is a compromised utility vehicle with everything that comes with the territory of an authentic 4×4, so you do get road noise and tyre noise and wind noise and a couple of squeaks and rattles. However, you also get winch-ready bumpers and 33-inch available tyres and unmatched departure and approach angles and over 700mm of water fording capability.

From AED130,00 the new Jeep Wrangler JL is hard to beat considering you need a Land Cruiser or a Patrol Super Safari to match it in the trails or the deserts, which cost twice as much if not more. Comforts such as a much-improved interior (you need to spend more to get better materials however) and loads of safety and infotainment kit make it a more useable family vehicle as well.

With a 3.6-litre V6 (the only engine available in the Middle East) and an eight-speed transmission (no six-speed manual available from the official importers) the JL is a fair bit more useable than the old JK Wrangler and will still conquer every shopping mall kerb.

Enjoy the video and if you want to check out the full verdict check out our written review right here.


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